Hydrofoil Kiteboard Sroka Foil Package

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Sroka Aluminum Hydrofoil
Package - Board/Foil

*One More Package Remaining: Floor model in perfect condition with slight scratches from being moved around the shop*

Coming to you from French racer Bruno Sroka and one of France’s best navel architects we introduce the Sroka Hydrofoil!

This hydrofoil is developed for making kitefoiling accessible from the first attempts and offers an opportunity to advance your level by changing the wings. They were aiming to offer an innovative, reliable and easy to use product right out of the box. Most importantly they wanted to develop a product that would evolve with you, saving the expense of replacement over time.

The objective is to learn to foil in a very short period of time. With the Sroka Foilboard people are typically hydrofoiling in 2 to 3 hours if you are an advanced kitesurfer who knows how to kitesurf with a directional or race board.

Also by changing the front wing you will be able to progress and pass into another kitefoiling level.

To achieve all this with the Sroka Aluminium hydrofoil they collaborated with an amazing naval architect who works with some of the best boat companies in France. Together they developed a patent pending, innovative and simple foil fixation system which consists of two fuselage parts that bolt together around everything else. This manner of tightening the fuselage, mast and wings guarantees excellent foil rigidity and strength.

Why The Sroka Hydrofoil works so well:

Upon us there are two most important product accessibility elements: the first one is the board size. It must be big enough that it would help you to float and also keep your kite under power. And the second important element is the foil capacity to start foiling in a low speed.

For these and more other reasons we have been worked a long time on the foil and wings design. What they came up with was a wing that lifts easily in a very low speed. So these well thought and tested elements make the Sroka Hydrofoil very easy to use.

When switch out the front wing you will be able to increase your performance. By offering different shape and wing thickness models, you will be able to rediscover the same foil in different speeds and maneuverability aspects.

Sroka invented the foil fixation system that no other brands have. It will make your life easier. The main fixation system idea is tighten the mast and wings in the fuselage that separates into two individual parts. This is an amazing patent pending method.

The board (1m62cmx52cm) is built with concave hull in front, transitioning into a double concave in the back. It features gradually chinned rails as it goes to the back to keep the board from sticking in the water as you edge hard. The Sroka kite foilboard will help you to reach the needed speed for the lift of the hydrofoil, faster and easier.

The board construction is an epoxy with the carbon reinforcements that brings up the board strength and rigidity and also makes it lighter. SROKA kitefoil board has a huge EVA pad grip on the surface where the feet stands are. It is also comes with 3 foot straps and screws. The board is fully equipped and ready to RIDE.

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