Night Paddling

Paddle The Night – Tampa Night Paddle Boarding

“Paddle The Night” is our branded series of local Tampa events and products that get you out on the water after dark! No longer are you limited by the daylight to get out and enjoy the water sports you love. Weather its Stand up paddle boarding, kayaking or boating our light kits will light the way.

Paddle the Night Events: If you in the Tampa area we offer group trips and events after the sun goes down. Most of us have explored the Tampa, St Petersburg, Clearwater waters during the day. Now come out and see everything from a completely different perspective at NIGHT!! Our boards are illuminated by the Nocqua Adventure Gear light kits, sending light up to 20-30 feet around and under the water. Paddling at night is both exciting and peaceful, an experience you don’t want to miss. Call or email us today to get our “Paddle The Night” schedule.

Night Paddling Gear: Want to take to the water at night on you own? Check out what you need to get wet after dark!! If you have any questions call us and time at 800-320-9463 x704.

Nocqua 2000 SUP Light Kits
Nocqua 2000 White Light Kit: This contains everything you need to get started with the most extraordinary night paddling experience you have ever had. The system is flexible and durable – and can be adjusted to fit all SUP’s, Kayaks and Canoes. Plus, it is an excellent way to light up the night on land at your campsite, workstation or wherever you need light.

Nocqua Spectrum Light Kit

Paddle boarding at night on your own: When you come out to one of our “Paddle The Night” events we teach you everything you need to know about safely paddling after the sun goes down. If you can’t join us before you buy your own SUP light kits please keep a couple of things in mind:

Lights: The laws for navigating a vessel at night are different at night that during the day. With you light kit, the board will be illuminated. This light helps you but it’s not the only light you’re going to need at night. You want to make sure you check your local authorities about what kind of light source you’re required to have on board when the sun disappears. You will definitely need a signal light to let boats know that you are on the water. It’s also recommended to have a spare waterproof flashlight as a backup and so you can see in an emergency. Our 360 Beacon works well and a stern light.

SUP PFD & Whistle: You have to have both a USCG Approved PFD and a Whistle when SUPing at night, just as you would during the day. This is very important and could save your life in an emergency.. Not to mention save you money by avoiding a ticket.

Weather conditions: Checking the current and future weather conditions, tides and other area information is important whenever you paddle. When it comes to paddling at night it’s vital that you look at the forecasts, radar and tidal information before starting you Night Paddle. In the daylight it’s easier to see when the weather is getting bad. At night, unfavorable conditions are much harder to see and can put you in dangerous situations without warning.

Marine radio or charged cell phone: At night you want to make sure you have a way of reaching out to get help if needed. If you bringing you cell phone make sure it’s in a waterproof Cellphone case, that allows you to use it. An attached float is also a good idea in case the phone/radio is dropped overboard.