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Longmont & Boulder's
Paddle Board And Kiteboard Shop
Specializing in Wind, Water and Snow Adventure Outfitting

FULL service retail paddle boarding, Kiteboarding, Snow Kiting shop now located in the Boulder area. At any given time we have 30-50 paddle boards, 30-40 SUP paddles, kites, kiteboards & tons of accessories in stock for you to look at. Featuring board brands such as Starboard SUP, Riviera, Amundson, Naish, Lakeshore Paddle Company, Boardworks, C4, Paddle Surf Hawaii. Paddles By Quick Blade, Kialoa, and Hippo Stick. Kite Brands include North, Slingshot, Core, Ocean Rodeo, Dakine, NP and more.. Call us for more information TODAY!!!

***We are NOT the company who makes or sells SOLSTICE line of SUP products. Please do not contact us regarding those items*** 

Solstice Sports Shop Line
(800) 320-9463