Ground Industries Prodigy 90

No Longer Available
Available In Store Only (800-320-9463)
Part Number:22
  • Bindings - Talon II Pro Bindings
  • Hubs - Vegas Hub Technology - Blue
  • Tires - Balistik MAK 2-Ply
  • Trucks - 12MM Skate Trucks
  • Deck - Bomberlite
  • Board Weight - 13 lbs
  • Width - 8.1"
  • Overall Length - 34.4"
  • Style - Downhill, Freestyle, Kite Mountainboarding, Boardercross®
  • Rider Weight Recommended - 140 - 220 lbs
  • Experience Level - Beginner to Expert
Prodigy 87 Mountainboard:

The Prodigy is the perfect set-up for kiters looking for a lightweight freestyle machine and upcoming mountainboarders whose skills are rapidly progressing.  Combining the advanced components of the high-end decks coupled with 12MM anodized skate trucks.  The Prodigy opens the door to becoming a truly advanced rider.  Intermediate-Advanced kiters and downhillers, your ride to the next level is here.  Chase down your dreams of greatness on a Prodigy.

Lifetime Manufacturers Limited Warranty.
Ground Industries Prodigy 87 Mountainboard Comes With:
Balistik MAK 2-ply tires, Vegas Hub Technology, 12MM Skate Trucks, Talon II Pro Bindings, BomberLite Deck, Tool Kit, and instructions.

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