Slingshot FWIND1 Windsurf Hydrofoil Package

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Slingshot FWIND1 Windsurf Hydrofoil Package

Introducing silent sailing on a windsurfer with the Hover Glide FWIND1 hydrofoil.

The FWIND1 hydrofoil is powered by the H2 wing and is part of the new 2018 Slingshot interchangeable foil system. The H2 wing is larger and designed to be used for all around foiling. The larger surface area gives you control, stability and an earlier take off. After mastering getting the board up on the foil you’ll be able to push yourself and really lean against the foil like you would your fin and jibe like you’re on rails!

Although we have not tried this yet, we have had reports of people using this H2 setup with a surfboard to prone paddle into waves and foil. The FWIND1 with H2 wing will be a staple in everyone’s quiver of hydrofoil gear.


  • Mast, deep tuttle connection & fuselage
  • Front & rear wings
  • All hardware
  • Custom travel bag


  • LENGTH = 35.5" (93cm)


  • 100% solid carbon construction H2 wings
  • Sanded speed finish
  • Advanced aircraft aluminum construction
  • Patent pending switch fuselage
  • Flat Loc fuselage to wing connection
  • Proven High performance industry leading design
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Foil Flight School compatible (Slingshot Exclusive Three Mast Learning System)
  • Foil Academy supported
  • Modular – Buy once and build on for all sports
  • Time tested to be tough!

Slingshots 2018 Interchangeable Foil System

Most of us are into different watersports and anytime we can use the same gear to crossover into our other passions it’s a huge bonus! Slingshots here to help with their new interchangeable system. Different wings, masts, fuselages, and attachment plates to adapt to however you want to foil. All the parts are interchangeable and work together so you only need on base system and can add the other pieces you need on a piece by piece basis.

Switch Fuse (Patent Pending)

Find your personal comfort zone. The ability to adjust the wing position fore or aft in relationship to your stance is critical for balancing your rig, stance and overall sailing position. Slingshot’s Switch Fuse is an ingenious design that allows the foil to be configured in two different positions to accommodate varying board setups, rider preferences and skill levels.

Rear Wing + Optimized Tail Mount:

Rider Simplicity. Universal one design that works with all front wings for all disciplines, in any configuration. The tail wing mount is solid, stable and safe. No need to shim your wing, ever.

Flat-Loc, Fuse-to-Wing Connector

Windsurf foiling, carving, jibbing and jumping puts enormous forces on the fuselage-to-wing connection. Our Flat-Loc™ Fuse-to-Wing connection is designed like a wrench on a nut. The load is married to the fuse and the wings, with no load on the bolts. Unlike bolt-on wings, the Flat-Loc™ system is safe, secure and smart.

Hover Glide Tuttle Connector

Integrated Tuttle base designed for Deep Tuttle boxes delivers maximum strength and elimination of movement. Designed with an integrated base flange that transfer loads over a larger area of the board, not just the Tuttle box. This feature is critical if you expect to use a foil with an existing board. A regular Tuttle box is not reinforced to handle the loads of the foil.


Slingshot uses the same Hover Glide aluminum mast platform for all our foil disciplines (kite, wake, sup and wind). Our masts have been tested and proven for years, by thousands of foil-boarders in three other foil sports. It is the stiffest and strongest aluminum mast on the market. Our masts are 2.5X thicker than the competition and designed specifically to take the enormous loads that windsurfing puts on the foil and mast. Extruded from aircraft aluminum, each mast is optimized by CnC machining to reduced drag and eliminate vibration. Masts are also tempered and anodized for saltwater resistance.

Titanium Bolts

Nothing beats the strength of this precision milled Titanium hardware.

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