C4 12'0 Holoholo Paddle Board
C4 12'0 Holoholo Paddle Board

C4 12'0 Holoholo T/S

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C4 12'0 Holoholo Tour/Surf Paddle Board

In Hawaii, "holoholo" means to head off for a walk, a ride or a sail strictly for pleasure. The C4 Holoholo was intended for just this purpose. This coastal cruiser or flat water Stand-Up paddleboard was designed to enable the paddler to head off and gaze at whatever catches his or her fancy. Pristine kelp beds, warm meandering rivers, tranquil smooth lakes or whatever, just go ahead and effortlessly scoot along and "smell the roses." Although it is intended as a "cruiser," the Holoholo nonetheless is up to a romp in the surf for those intermediate or advanced SUP surfers who crave the ultra-glide thrills of the ancient Hawaiian olo boards. Includes a full-length deck pad, and multiple inserts for attaching cargo.

Holoholo Paddle Board Stats:

-Length: 12'0"
-Nose: 16 1/4"
-Width: 27 1/4"
-Tail: 16 5/16"
-Thickness: 5 1/16"
-Weight: 29.5 lbs.
-Volume: 211.2 liters
-Fin array: single fin box
-Includes a full-length deck pad
-Multiple inserts for attaching cargo

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