404 Danny Ching 12'6 Race Board

No Longer Available
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Part Number:87
404 12'6" Monster Race Board w/ Traction & Handle

The 404 12'6 race board is a high performance stock racing design skillfully combining a rare blend of speed and stability.
Inspired by single person racing hulls ranging from outrigger canoes to Olympic sprint kayaks, “the Monster“ effortlessly slices through the water. The flat bottom and wide squaretail allow the board to plane at high speeds and still have a clean release.
This innovative race board is stable enough for any beginner, yet fast enough to compete at the highest level.
The Monster is suitable for all bodies of water.
Weight range 100lbs 200lbs
12'6 404 Danny Ching Board Dimensions:
Length: 12'6"
Width: 28 1/2"
Thickness: 5"
Fin System: Single Fin

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