GoFoil Plate Mast
GoFoil Plate Mast

GoFoil Plate Masts

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Mast Length Options
70cm / 27.6" v2
75cm / 29.5" v2 (+$50.00)
80cm / 31.5" v2 (+$100.00)
90cm / 35.4" v2 (+$150.00)
100cm / 39.4" v2 (+$200.00)
90cm / 35.4" v1 (On Sale) (-$200.00)

GoFoil Full Carbon Plate Masts

GoFoil makes one of the stiffest, strongest masts on the market today, and they are ALL solid carbon! Your foil mast connects all the pieces together to get you out foiling! It's essential to make sure you're getting something solid and predictable that you can count on.

The GoFoil mast platform is built on a fused carbon mast/fuselage connection. One of the most significant failure points on a foil is the attachment area between the mast and the fuselage, where extreme forces are applied. GoFoil believes that having a mast and fuselage fused together with 100% pre-preg carbon fiber assures you get the most robust carbon mast available. It also reduces the number of parts you have to keep track of and assemble when you find yourself itching to quickly get out on the water.

This listing is for the GoFoil Plate Mast that is designed to be used with the industry-standard 90mm foil tracks. If you're looking for the tuttle mount version, CLICK HERE.


Mast Lengths:
  • 70 cm / 27.5
  • 75 cm / 29.5 inch
  • 80 cm / 31.5 inch
  • 90 cm / 35.5 inch
  • 100 cm / 39 inch

Mast Thickness: 14mm - Chord Length: 140mm

Included With Your Plate Mast:

  • 4 washers—must be used to honor warranty
  • 4 M8x1x30mm stainless steel bolts
  • 4 mast track t nuts
  • Front wing:1-M6x1x25mm flat top countersunk stainless steel screw
  • Back wing:1-M6x1x18mm flat top countersunk stainless steel screw
  • Mast cover



Choosing The Best Mast Size??

If you need help deciding on the best mast size, click the image below to go to our gear guide blog on GoFoil Masts!

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