Wake Set w/WF-T v2 Graphic
Wake Set w/WF-T v2 Graphic

GoFoil EZ Wake Foil Set

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WF-T v1
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EX1275 Set
EZ1600 Set (+$100.00)
EZ1800 Set (+$150.00)

The GoFoil EZ / WF-T Beginner Wake Foil Combo

Wake foiling has been a category that we have specialized in for years. We've introduced many friends and customers to this fantastic sport over the seasons. It's given us an excellent insight into gear characteristics that work well for learning, are a good value, and will put a smile on your face! This combo checks all the boxes; it's a set you can learn on and continue to have fun with for years to come!

About The WF-T v2 Wake Foil Board:

  • Choice of v1 or v2 Graphic

The WF-T v2 is Slingshots' entry-level foil board for those looking to take flight for the first time. The WF-T is compression molded, increasing the overall durability and decreasing buoyancy so riders don't have to fight against the board's float when starting out. The 4'5" length of the WF-T combines with the perfect amount of nose rocker to allow the board to take off and touchdown repeatedly without nosediving, so beginners can master their body position and find a constant hover without falling and having to start over. The construction style and strength of the WF-T also make it an excellent option for foilers looking to jump and do wake-style tricks.

About The GoFoil EZ Series Wake Foil:

  • Choice of 1275 or 1600 Sized Full Carbon Front Wings
  • 70cm Full Carbon Mast
  • Comes with new GoFoil Travel Bag (For Foil)

As the name implies, this line is easy to ride, making this foil ideal for quickly improving your skill level.

The EZ foil line rides at a more constant speed, especially when turning. This means that the foil will keep a steady pace and not accelerate too much during the turn. This feature makes it easier to carve when wake foiling and helps you stay in the pocket so you don't accelerate away from the wave.

The EZ foils are fairly thin but have a slightly slower, draft-forward type of foil section. This design helps you control your speed much easier than GoFoils faster models.

You will notice that the New EZ, GT, and RS models of GoFoil Front wings have what they are calling a "Step" on them. These "Steps" are located out toward the wing tips. The steps help to stabilize the wings with respect to Wingtip Vortices issues that affect all airplanes and hydrofoils, mostly at their wingtips. The GoFoil steps enable you to recover if your wing tips breach when carving aggressively.

These foil sets are not just for beginners, though! Because of their carvy feel, intermediate and advanced riders will still enjoy the aggressive surf like rail to rail carving you can achieve.

What We Like When You Put It All Together:

We hand-picked this board and foil combo because they work really well together. With this set, you get a FULL CARBON quality foil that you won't outgrow quickly. The thinness of the WF-T board makes for an ultra-responsive ride, especially when combined with the shorter 70cm mast. We still take out this set and ride when we want to rip aggressive surf-style carves!!

Note on Graphics Choices: The WF-T v1 and v2 are the same design. For the v2 edition, Slingshot only changed the graphics. The v1 graphic option comes with a slightly lower price and is available until we run out.

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