WingFlyer Z150 Scooter
WingFlyer Z150 Scooter

WingFlyer Z150 Fitness Scooter

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WingFlyer Z150 Fitness Scooter
Peddle Powered Scooter

The WingFlyer model Z150 Fitness Scooter is made for kids and adults ages 8 and up. The handle folds for easy transport, and the superior high-caliber rear disc brake provides superior stopping power. The Z150 delivers a creative new workout with fun and fitness. The Z150 is available in Classic White or Metallic Silver.

WingFlyer Fitness:
WingFlyer is fitness efficient on many levels! It works all parts of your body simultaneously. Unlike other fitness devices that limit muscle use and target just one area of your body, WingFlyer engages your upper body and strengthens your grip, wrists, and arms. WingFlyer also strengthens your core (abdominal and lower back) and aids in the correction of bad posture.  WingFlyer uses the whole of your lower body, which includes glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, abductors and adductors.  BEST of all, your exercise is done with minimal impact (which protects your joints and skeletal system), and enables you to stay in a fat burning mode (zone). WingFlyer improves your resting metabolic rate, increases your muscle to fat ratio, and allows you to burn more calories! 
Similar to bike riding, WingFlyer allows people of all fitness levels to participate – with minimal learning needed.  Balance and confidence are key factors when learning to use WingFlyer.  The aerobic benefit is comparable to running without unnecessary impact.  The WingFlyer leg movements are executed with a full range of motion that promote circulation and flexibility.

WingFlyer is simple & easy to use for all ages.  It is versatile and mobile.  Easily folded, WingFlyer effortlessly fits in your car for an “on the go” lifestyle, enabling a workout anytime and anywhere… with WingFlyer, you can fly and be free!  WingFlyer is not a state of location, but a state of the mind and body. WingFlyer will allow “hard core” athletes to challenge themselves with a unique cross-training experience, while also allowing other less seasoned athletes to experience a relaxed workout that will keep your mental and personal fitness toned and challenged.

Unlike other fitness devices and products on the market, WingFlyer is cost effective.  One size fits most.  There is no shoe size to out grow, so your family will be able to enjoy their WingFlyers for years to come.

WingFlyer Features:
-Patented smooth drive system
-Rugged steel frame
-Aluminum alloy wheels
-Inflatable rubber tube tires
-Comfortable rubber grip handles
-Pedals with textured grips and reflectors
-High-caliber rear disc brake
-Handlebar stem unlocks and folds at patented lower hinge for easy transport
-Adjustable stem raises handlebar to three different heights
-Supports up to 160 lbs (although we use it and weight more)
-Recommended for ages 8+
-Available: Classic White & Metallic Silver

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