Slingshot Crossfire Package

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Slingshot Crossfire Package

The Slingshot Crossfire is a great all around SUP board that will preform well in almost all water conditions! It paddles strong and stable in the flats, but still is manageable out in ocean surf. This is one of the strongest boards we have in the shop and will hold up to quite a bit of abuse!

Some things we like:

Full nose to tail deck pads: This is great for doing yoga or working out on your SUP, it also protects your board when stowing gear or traveling with your favorite pet on the water.

White Color: We are in one of the hottest states in the country! White might not be flashy but it protects your board from sun damage when its exposed to heat. There is air trapped in the foam of every epoxy SUP made. As the air trapped inside heats and cools it expands and contracts. Over time this expansion and contraction can cause delamination. The white color of the Crossfire allows it to be stored outside or strapped on the car without as much worry about delamination or heat damage.

Sharp Rails & Wide Tail: The rails in the center of the board are sharper aiding in stability and tracking.

Bungee Tie Downs (on the front of the board). We like this location better than the back of the previous CrossFire and Slingshot appears to as well!

Length: 9’4"

Width 34.5”

Weight Range: We have comfortably put riders up to 220 on this board.

The Package comes with an adjustable aluminum paddle; this is a great package deal, especially at the sale price!!! Call our Colorado Paddle Board Shop with any questions 800-320-9463 x704

Here's What Slingshot Has To Say About It:

The all new compact Crossfire 9’4” is built for all-around ease of use on and off the water. The smaller length provides a more user friendly size for transportation and handling while not sacrificing stability on the water. The shape is great for small waves, choppy water or a cruise in glassy conditions. This board is versatile, durable and a great value. Based on Slingshot’s Future Response Technology, the Crossfire is built with Fiberglass Laminated Sandwich Construction (FLS). This technology incorporates a unique layering technique of fiberglass and epoxy resin. Combine that with an EPS foam core and reinforced wood deck, this board is impact resistant, incredibly durable and a better value sandwich laminated board.


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