SUP Strait Paddle Board Leash

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Strait Stand Up Paddle Board Leash

A leash is One of the absolute most important things you need when paddling. This leash will keep the board close in an emergency. Conditions can change fast, it can be calm one minute and very rough shortly after. Be safe and use a leash and coast guard approved PFD when out on your board.


Leash Options: Not all leashes are created equally! Cheap leashes using subpar materials run the risk of corroding, rusting or failing at the most inconvenient times! If you have any questions regarding leashes feel free to call any time (800) 320-9463.


Strait: These are usually a little less expensive. Strait leashes work well in situations like surfing or times when you will be falling off your board a lot (with the exception of swift moving river water which requires a special leash)


Coil Leash: These types of leashes are slightly more expensive and are designed with a coil that keeps the leash up on the board and stops it from dragging in the water when paddling. They work well for flatwater paddling or racing, where you will not be falling and stretching out the leash much. If your in a situation where your off your board a lot of the time and the coil is constantly being stretched it can have a tendency to get tangled on itself, like the old school telephone cords.

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