The Pumgo Fitness Scooter
The Pumgo Fitness Scooter

Pumgo Fitness Scooter

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Pumgo Fitness Scooter

The Pumgo is the world s first PEDAL-POWERED SCOOTER. This exciting NEW product combines the excitement of free-riding with the health benefits of a full body cardiovascular workout.


Perfect for kids and adults, the Pumgo is powered by two reciprocal pedals similar to the up-down motion of a stationary stair-climber workout machine. The strong aluminum alloy frame easily supports an adult s full body weight. The three wheeled design is stable and safe with a low center of gravity.


The health benefits of the Pumgo Scooter are well-documented. Dr. Dan Batchelder from Atlanta, who specializes in sports medicine stresses the importance of a balanced workout. Bowling, golf, push scooter riding and skateboarding only work one side of the body, leading to lower back pain and muscle imbalance, he says. The Pumgo Scooter, however, is a symmetrical exercise designed to strengthen both sides of the body. Additionally, the Pumgo Scooter delivers a faster, more efficient workout than running or biking.


More impressive is that the Pumgo Scooter is a JOY TO RIDE. The Pumgo brings the normally boring gym workout to the great outdoors where fresh air and beautiful scenery lift one s spirits to new levels of fun and enjoyment.

Fun meets fitness in a revolutionary new riding experience. The Pumgo Scooter. Once you try it, you ll be hooked for life...and health!


What makes the Pumgo Scooter design unique compared to other human-powered vehicles?

From an engineering perspective, the Pumgo Scooter's simultaneous dual-pedal recovery system combined with its drive system is a true innovation in human powered vehicles. Other mobile products have tried to recreate the non-cycling, up-down motion similar to a stair-climber with limited practical results. Parallel crank shafts engage a pair of gears to produce the reciprocal pedal recovery while two chain wheels, similar to a bicycle, combine with four flywheels to form the drive system. Differentials in the two rear wheels allow for each to rotate at different speeds, facilitating smooth, safe turns. The end result is a natural, comfortable ride that is both fun and healthy. Since the pedals operate only in the 80-degree maximum output zone (rather than a full 360 degrees like cycling), the propulsion is extremely efficient with each "pump" producing the highest amount of forward thrust. Yet since the wheel diameter is ten inches, the Pumgo does not exceed a safe riding speed. Unlike seated human powered vehicles, the Pumgo Scooter uses a rider's full body weight to generate driving force for maximum output.


The Pumgo Scooter features a unique dual-pedal recovery system that operates two parallel drive chains. Like two bicycle chains working in tandem, the intricate gear mechanism presents a smooth, seamless riding experience. However, different from a bicycle pedal's 360 degree circular rotation, the Pumgo's pedals operate exclusively in the 80 degree zone of maximum power output which delivers an efficient and heart-pumping workout for the rider.


What are the physical effects of Pumgo Scooter riding?
Riding the Pumgo Scooter generates an economical workout because the pedals operate solely in the 80-degree maximum output range of pedal propulsion. This creates a consistent expenditure of human power and a balanced routine. Operating the Pumgo increases one's heart rate to an optimum aerobic level in short order. Continued use maintains the heart rate in the targeted zone providing ideal moderate-level cardiovascular exercise.


Pumgo Scooter riding burns calories at a rate equivalent to step aerobics, rowing and power walking (500 to 600 calories per hour based on the average rider). The major muscles involved in the pedaling exercise are the calf muscle, thigh muscles and gluteus (butt) muscle while some trunk extension muscles and ankle muscles are also involved. The smooth pumping motion of the Pumgo Scooter is a low-impact exercise that produces minimal pressure on joints and bones.


While the lower body workout is similar to an indoor stair-climber, the Pumgo offers a number of advantages to stationary exercise equipment. 1. The upper body is engaged in steering and balancing, producing a full-body workout. 2. The simple act of being outside increases exposure to Vitamin D, allows for the intake of fresh air and lowers stress levels. 3. Mobility provides stimulation and convenience for the rider. 4. The pleasure of riding the Pumgo makes exercise more enjoyable. Like cycling or running, the Pumgo Scooter is one part of a complete exercise routine. The Pumgo Scooter provides strength training to major muscle groups as well as aerobic exercise in a way that's enjoyable for all ages.

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