MBS Pro 97 Dylan Warren Mountainboard

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MBS PRO 97 - Dylan Warren

MBS is thrilled to reveal Dylan Warren's signature on our brand new MBS Pro 97. Dylan's full length Hashtag mountainboard movie melted minds worldwide when it uncovered what's been going on in Australian mountainboarding over the past year. It's big, it's rails, it's drops, it's not for the faint hearted, and it's just a hint of what's to come for the emerging urban side of the sport. But despite Dylan's skate background he's as much at home in the Aussie bush as he is the streets of Melbourne and we're looking forward to seeing where he takes us all on his next cinematic journey. In the meantime he'll continue to push the sport and the capability of MBS boards the same way he has during the development of the MBS Pro 97. Any rider who aspires to have their own pro model one day rest assured, the MBS Dylan Warren Pro 97 is the board to help you reach that goal.

WHAT'S NEW? Apart from the tried and true stalwarts of the MBS T1 tires and Rock Star Pro hubs, everything on the MBS Pro 97 is new. New deck, new trucks, new suspension system, new bindings, and even a new length. Situated right between the Pro 95 and Pro 100, the new 97cm deck length is sized to be the best of both worlds - short enough to give you the advantage you need to pull that big spin but long enough to give you the stability you need to stick it. In addition to the new length, the Pro 97 deck features MBS' new multi-camber profile and asymmetric concave, the poppiest and most comfortable deck shape you'll ever step foot on. If that's not enough to get you frothin', MBS' newly engineered Matrix II trucks, the complete redesign of MBS' cornerstone Matrix channel trucks which are lighter, stronger, and smoother carving than any other channel truck certainly should be. Other enhancements include MBS' F5 bindings which are stronger, more comfortable, and more adjustable than their F4 predecessors, and limited edition Dylan Warren signature Rock Star Pro hubs to top it all off.

MBS A-1 – Asymmetric Concave Deck

  • Ultimately the deck is where the majority of your interaction with the board comes. Having a deck that is the right length, width, camber, concave and durability is almost impossible to find. Until now.

Features: Asymmetric Concave (under foot)

  • The angled heel section of MBS’ asymmetric concave uses gravity to constantly nudge your foot into the safe spot of your deck giving you the locked in feeling every rider loves. MBS’ asymmetric concave is ergonomically contoured to match the natural curve of your foot placing the low point of our concave directly under the ball of your shoe.

Tub Concave (center)

  • Formerly not available on MBS reverse cap composite decks our new Tub Concave increases stiffness and pop without increasing weight. Freestylers love Tub Concave because the raised edge drastically reduces board slide hangups while the flat center profile delivers the most stable slide of any concave profile.

Multi-Camber Profile(center)

  • 30 degree tip angles strike the perfect balance between responsiveness and stability for channel trucks.
  • Flat profile under foot keeps you as comfortable in your riding stance as you would be standing on solid ground.
  • 15mm of camber at the centerline of our new A1 mold serves the dual purpose of providing extra clearance for big landings or going over obstacles while locking freestylers onto any rail they slide.

Matrix Pro II Trucks

Close your eyes and imagine a mountainboard truck system that is stronger, lighter, quieter, and more stable than even MBS’ original Matrix. With that vision in mind, MBS proudly introduces the MBS Matrix Pro II.

  • Super compact geometry
  • Lightest channel truck ever
  • Easy ShockBlock installation
  • Strongest MBS truck design to date
  • Smooth, flat, and wide grind surface
  • Unbreakable composite top truck material
  • Independent toe/heel resistance adjustment

F5 Bindings

MBS’ strongest, most comfortable, and most adjustable binding to date. It’s like a slipper for your foot. A slipper that let’s you shred!F5 bindings are MBS’ top of the line bindings – ideal for anyone from pint-sized beginners to full-grown pros.


  • Increased size adjust-ability with toe post cam-lock adjustment (coarse adjustment) and heel post ratchet buckle (fine adjustment and ratcheting)
  • Improved ergonomics and pad comfort with super thick dual-density padding
  • Integrated Ladder / Bracket system
  • Wider Entry Spacing makes it easier to get feet out and back in again for no-foot tricks
  • Improved ratchet buckle release
  • Integrated Heel Strap Mounting bosses

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