Kitewing 5.5 Full

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2017 Kitewing 5.5 Full Sail

New this year, the 5.5 Full Kitewing features the latest Scrim Sail technology! The new x-ply material utilizes Spectra yarn. Its braided with a polyester filament, in a triaxle grid and the results are astonishing. Due to the wider grid pattern, this material weighs less than previous x-ply film, thus reducing the sails’ overall weight.

The 5.5 Full sail is the replacement for the old 5.5 monofilm sail this year. The 5.5 Full scrim sail is approximately.34 kg./12 oz lighter than the older mono film sail. The 5.5 Full sail is constructed from a light weight scrim fabric at Ezzy Sails. The “scrim” fabric is closely woven polyester scrim and X ply laminated on both sides with clear film. The sail includes Dacron®luff sleeves with Cordura reinforced openings and chafe points, cam lock tip tensioners, three position reflex tensioner, and leach strap.

The 5.5 Full sail is an option forthose who want to replace the Kitewing 5.5 mono film sail. It is the same sail cut as the older 5.5 mono sails such as the 5.5 Rage, Plus and Race.

Sizing: The 5.5 is currently the largest wing available. Smaller sizes include the 4.8 Skimbat and the 4.0 Falcon. Sizing depends on a lot of factors including desired use, bodyweight, surface resistance & average wind speeds.

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