Bote Flow Inflatable Kids Paddle Board

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  • Board Size:8' x 28" x 5"
  • Weight:22 lbs
  • Max Weight:170 lbs
Bote Flow Inflatable Action

Bote Flow Kids Inflatable SUP Package

The Bote Flow is similar to its big brothers the Bote Breeze and the Bote Drift in construction. It Has been scaled down in size to accommodate kids and lighter riders with a recommended max weight of 170 lbs. 

Durability is a huge factor when putting you kids on a board! It has to withstand all the "fun" they are going to have on it and still be able to be relied on.  An inflatable is a great way to go given its resistance to dings and scratches.  Its also a little more forgiving if they were to fall on the board.

Bote made Flow SUP 8' x 28" x 5" to make it easy for shorter lighter riders to maneuver it in the water and manageable to carry to and from the beach.

INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: This board comes as a package and includes a PADDLE, PUMP, and BAG with wheels.

Bote Flow Inflatable Package

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