Amundson TR-2 Paddle Board
Amundson TR-2 Paddle Board

Amundson TR-2 Tour Race SUP

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Amundson 12’6 TR-2

Tour/Race SUP Paddle Board

The 12’6” TR-2 shares many of the features of the highly successful 12’6” TR, but then takes it to a whole new level. This is the next generation of stable, fast, flat-water boards that are just as comfortable on long tours, as they are on the weekend race-course. Stable enough to be your first board, but exciting enough to keep you on the water for hours.

John has developed a new forward section of the board that incorporates a piercing bow shape with planning surfaces farther back. This makes the board ride more smoothly and quickly through rough water and chop. More volume in the nose keeps it riding high, and the inverted V-shaped deck gets the water off the deck faster. The cockpit is slightly recessed, to lower your center of gravity and provide a more comfortable standing area. This is a race-winning design that proves you don’t need specialized boards for different conditions, and you don’t need to sacrifice stability for speed.

Available in AST epoxy construction, this molded sandwich technology makes this a very durable board. There are four deck inserts on the fore-deck for PFD’s or gear.

Amundson 12’6” TR-X2

Width: 29”

Thickness: 6.25”

Volume: 239 liters

Weight: 32 pounds

Retail: $1449.95

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