2012 North Gambler Twin Tip Demo

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The North Gambler steps onto the scene as North's first-ever pure wake-style board, equally at home behind the kite, boat or cable. With a super-durable specialized tough skin bottom sheet that is built to withstand the routine abuse of hitting rails and kickers, you can grind and press to your heart's content without hesitation. The North 2012 Gambler is an all terrain wakestyle twin tip perfect for doing huge jumps, freestyle and power carves whether behind a kite, boat or cable.

The Gambler's generous rocker absorbs the most critical landings with a smoothness and ease that just begs you to stomp those powered, low-kite tricks with ease! Special inserts allow you to custom fit your favorite bindings to the Gambler.The small wakeboard style fins are not only great to drive you through high speed carves, but also for loading up hard and boosting massive airs at will.

Unique design features such as a full concave bottom, rounded rails, soft flex and special carving fins make the North Gambler a dream board in rough or choppy conditions.

Due to new tricks and an increased variety of people who engage in the sport, it has become more and more important that the entire equipment can be individually adjusted. For this reason North have set out to develop a multifunctional mounting system for their boards. What North envisaged was a solution that would allow a wide range of adjustments as well as quick and easy mounting of the footpads without having a negative influence on the board's flex and weight.

The result of this effort is a system that meets all our requirements. North proudly present the new THE TRACK SYSTEM! The Track System features two ultrasonic welded tracks made of fiberglass reinforced plastic that are laminated into their boards in the production process. The tracks are then CNC milled out of the finished board. The Track Nuts provide the connection with the footpad. The Track Nuts are made of non-corrosive brass and can be freely moved along the track to both sides. This system offers a whole range of possibilities to mount your footpads. One particular advantage is that the flexible tracks do not interfere with the finely-tuned flex of North boards.

142cm / 42.5 cm

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