SnoGo Skitrike Skibike

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Sno-Go Skibike (Gen 3)

Sno-Go believes there is an adventurous soul in all of us. Skiing and snowboarding have long been a way for people to turn a dull, cold, and miserable winter into a winter of thrill, freedom, and something to look forward to. Their goal is to provide yet another door to adventure. And more than that, they want to provide a door that anyone can access.

Whether you want to enjoy a scenic day on the mountain or shred all day with your buddies, the SnoGo is a perfect choice. They captured an intuitive bike-riding motion and paired it with skis designed to perform in all types of snow conditions.

SNO-GO uses a 3-blade design to give you maximum control and stability. You can turn, stop, and carve with SNO-GO just by leaning on the handlebars.

SNO-GO is versatile enough that riders of any age or skill level can enjoy it almost immediately, and that’s arguably the best part about SNO-GO—anyone can do it. It’s not something that takes months to learn either. You get the benefit of feeling planted and secure without having to worry about catching an edge or being strapped to bulky equipment.

S.L.A.T allows you to turn, stop, and carve all by leaning on the handlebars. The skis are always maintained in a parallel position, and when you lean side to side, the skis articulate with your movement. The rear control arms are mounted at a caster angle which allows the skis to shift from front to rear when you turn— for maximum control.

SNO-GO was designed for easy transportation and storage. The Quick release system allows you to disassemble the bike in seconds without the need for tools.

Bindings increase performance, control, and stability while allowing your feet to remain free.

Measured at the industry standard chairlift height of 22”, it makes loading and unloading simple and safe. Once loaded, the chairlift hook balances and stabilizes the SNO-GO on the chairlift.

The designers created SNO-GO to get more people on the slopes. They captured an intuitive bike-riding motion and paired it with skis which give you an entirely new experience altogether. 13 integrated pivot points mimic the free motions of skiing and give perfect form.

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