Slingshot Manticore V1 Foilboard

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Slingshot Manticore V1 Foilboard

Confidence / Inspiring / Performance

The Manticore V1 was designed to help wingers progress and teach their friends with its durable compression molded construction. It features mellow chined rails, a flat bottom rocker for quick release onto foil, and enough width to be stable even in choppy water. Its 3/4 length corduroy deck pad is soft on the knees and feet, and the inset bottom carry handle makes launching and landing simple. The extended foil tracks make this board compatible with any foil on the market. Equipped with both Tri-footstrap and offset front strap options allow you to progress to using footstraps and taking greater control of your foil board.

Why They Made It

Slingshot wanted a durable compression molded board that would not break the bank. Designed to be forgiving and quick to get up on a plane, giving you more time to progress your foil skills.

Why You'll Love It

  • Durable compression molded construction.
  • Flat bottom with mellow chine on the rails makes this board super forgiving and gets on foil quickly.
  • Inset bottom carry handle for easy launching and landing.
  • The Corduroy deck pad is soft on the knees.
  • Tri-Footstrap or Inline strap options.

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