Slingshot LTF v1 Inflatable Foil Board

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LTF V1 Inflatable 180ltr / 210ltr

Fun / Wing / Progression

The LTF of "Learn To Fly" is the first inflatable foil board with both foil tracks and a keel fin slot, allowing you to progress from your first day of finned winging to full foiling. Beginners will enjoy the wide yet compact shape using twin fins in the back and the keel fin in the middle of the board to learn how to wing while staying upwind. Then, get your first flight by removing the fins and attaching your foil to the stiff carbon bottom plate that delivers rigid board-like foil control. The 3/4 length corduroy EVA deck pad is soft on the knees, and the top deck carrying handle makes walking with board and wing a breeze. It even works great for learning to foil behind a boat. If you want one board to take anywhere, teach anybody, and at any level, you will love the LTF.

Why They Made It

Slingshot wanted the perfect inflatable wing board for learning to wing with either fins or a foil. The LTF allows you to learn basic wing skills while cruising with twin fins and a keel fin before attaching a foil and taking it to the next level.

Why You'll Love It

  • The perfect board for learning to wing.
  • It can be used with either fins or a foil.
  • Wide and stable, with a compact and controllable overall length.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • A stiff carbon bottom plate delivers direct to foil feel when pumping or carving.

Comes with a pump, 9" twin fins, and a sUPWINDer keel fin.

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