GoFoil RIDE 6'0
GoFoil RIDE 6'0

GoFoil Ride Wing Foil Board

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RIDE Board Size
4'6 x 21.5" x 3" 44ltr
4'9 x 22.5" x 3.8" 60ltr (+$80.00)
5'0 x 24.5" x 3" 86ltr (+$150.00)
5'6 x 27" x 4.8" 105ltr (+$200.00)
6'0 x 31.5" x 5" 136ltr (+$300.00)
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GoFoil RIDE Wing Foil Boards

4'6 - 4'9 - 5'0 - 5'6 - 6'0

The new GoFoil RIDE boards are optimized to make your wing foil experience as epic as possible. The design leads to a board that rides like it's small but has the stability of a slightly higher volume board. The volume is distributed forward to make lift-off easy while enhancing your ability to keep the board out of the water when touching down.

RIDE boards utilize an Innegra Sandwich technology with a lightweight EPS core, making them very strong. Innegra is an expensive composite that's well worth its cost and, when used correctly, adds additional protection against dings.

RIDE Versatility:

Foot Strap Positions: When choosing to ride with foot straps, the RIDE boards enable you to configure your feet with a centered surf stance using two straps or offset stance with two straps up front and one for your back foot. Every foil brand has a slightly different balance point, and these boards are optimized for the foot straps to work with the GoFoil foil platform. If you're using another brand's foil, the foot strap positions may work, but we cannot guarantee that. Please call us before ordering if you have a question about foot strap compatibility with a non-GoFoil foil rig.

Foil Mount Options: With these boards, you have the option to use the standard plate mount tracks or deep tuttle box mount. By having both options, you'll never have a problem fitting your foil, no matter what style of mount you choose.

GoFoil RIDE Wing Board Features:

  • EPS core with full sandwich construction, built for strength.
  • Innegra wraps the deck for added protection against dings.
  • Airvent-provides no maintenance.
  • Handle on the bottom for ease of carrying.
  • Built with Tuttle and plate options.
  • Large deck pad, easy to stand on.
  • Multiple strap positions, none, one, two, or three positions, you choose.

RIDE Board Sizes:

4'6 x 21.5" x 3" coming in at 44 liters - Great board for kite foiling, wake foiling, prone surf foil, or advanced wing foiling

5'0 x 24.5" x 3" sporting 86 liters - Good option for lighter wing foilers, or intermediate to advanced wing foilers.

5'6 x 27" x 4.5" with 105 liters - Very versatile size for wing foiling in most conditions.

6'0 x 30.5" x 5" boasting 136 liters! - Excellent board for learning to wing foil or wake foil, also great for riders in areas with variable winds (Colorado). This guy will keep you standing when the lulls in the wind come!

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