F-One 7'0 Rocket SW2 Foilboard 135L

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F-One ROCKET SW2 Foilboard

Wing / Wind / SUP

The Rocket SW2 is a convertible foilboard ready for all sorts of air-borne adventures. It can be used with a windsurf rig, a hand-held wing, or a paddle to enjoy the thrills of foiling.

One board, three ways to foil

Wing Foil – Wind Foil – SUP foil

Great Stability

This board was designed for multi-sports enthusiasts, the riders that enjoy the ocean in many ways but have room for only one board, and families where parents and kids like to foil in different ways.

At 7’0 × 30.5”, the Rocket SW2 comes in a single, compact size with a lot of volume (135 l.) and stability. Accessible for riders of all sizes and levels, this board is a dedicated foilboard with a straight rocker line, beveled rails, a parallel outline, and a volume distribution that will match your foiling stance and position whether you are windsurfing, wing-foiling, or sup-foiling.

On the water, the board is stable and easy to lift off. The touch-downs are smooth thanks to the beveled rails and the double concave on the bottom. When flying, the flat deck provides perfect control, and the compact size makes it easy to steer and maneuver.

There are two positions to fasten the foil to the board. The front-fixed- position is used when wing-foiling or sup-foiling. The back -adjustable- position in the tracks is used when windfoiling. The deck is equipped with a smart handle for easy carrying, front and back foot strap inserts, a mast track for windsurfing, and a generously sized deck pad to fit all disciplines.

Strong or light winds, flatwater or waves, ripping or cruising: change your rig, choose your style and do it all with the same board – the Rocket SW2.

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