Used: Amundson Stand Up Paddle Bag

No Longer Available
Available In Store Only (800-320-9463)
Part Number:61

***Please check out our Used Paddle Boarding Gear Program*** This used bag is sold but we have others!!!

*** Amundson is no longer manufacturing this bag, and we are currently out of stock on the new and used Amundson bags we had. We have other bags that are comparable to this one. Send us an email (Contact Us) and let us know what size bag your looking for and we will send you the available options and DISCOUNTED prices!!!***


Amundson Stand Up Paddle Board Bag
Padded travel bag designed specifically for keeping all of your paddlesurfing gear neatly stowed together. Zippered fin slot, Innovative paddle chamber and gear pouch make this bag a necessity for anyone who transports their paddlesurf board. Molded handle and padded shoulder strap make carrying a cinch.

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