Stearns M16 Inflatable Belt Pack PFD

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Stearns 16 Gram Waist PFD

Inflatable SUP PFD


This is the inflatable SUP waist PFD that we use in most flat-water environments and races. At only 16 grams you can barely feel you have it on! It works with a CO2 cartridge and an emergency pull. It’s great for casual paddles but must be worn correctly and you have to be conscious for it to be effective because it requires you to pull the cord to deploy the flotation.


Easy-on, belt-style will keep you out of harms way

Front-mounted inflation bag allows wearer to float on back

Slim belt design so PFD stays out of the way

Easy to re-arm with Stearns® Rearming Kit #0925


If you’re in a situation where you might hit your head or become unconscious, we recommend a different type of vest.  Also, if your paddling in swift moving “whitewater” we recommend a Whitewater specific paddling jacket.

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