2020 Slingshot Turbine
2020 Slingshot Turbine

Slingshot Turbine

No Longer Available
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Turbine Size
13 Meter
15 Meter (+$89.00)
17 Meter
19 Meter (+$123.00)
Turbine Bar Options
Kite Only - No Bar Needed
Compstick w/Gaurdian Bar (+$450.00)
Compstick w/Sentinel Bar (+$450.00)

The New 2020 Slingshot Turbine

Lightwind Bliss

***Pre Order Now!***


That’s the best word to describe the Slingshot Turbine! You will be doing a lot more that mowing the grass with this kite, it’s a perfect balance of power and light wind performance. When your riding in light wind you need as much power as possible, for this the Turbine is your kite!

The Open Delta-C Design gives it a higher aspect ratio improving lift through kite speed instead of angle of attack. The splitstrut integrated design makes the kite more light and crisp in the air increasing stability and canopy shaping control. A lighter profile also aids in water relaunch, witch is another huge benefit of the kite.

For us, the Turbine now comes with us on all of our lessons and has been a lifesaver when the winds drop down around 10-14.

For even better results combine the Turbine with the Slingshot Glide and get out in winds that you never thought possible! Call us if you have any Turbine questions 800-320-9463 x704.

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