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Sledgehammer Freerider 5.3

The 5.1 Freerider was and incredible skibike, loved by everyone we put on one!! It’s hard to believe but this year has gotten even better!!

If your new to skibiking, or stumbled upon this page by accident. Skibikes are a way for people to enjoy the slopes in a downhill mountain bike style all winter long. The sport has been developing for years but until recently the bikes have been very expensive making it a difficult sport to get into. For years Sledgehammer has been developing and refining a cost-effective bike that is top quality for a price that won’t break the bank. Typically, when you hear terms like cost effective you initially wonder what your giving up in getting that lower price? The beautiful thing about the Freerider Skibike is it that you really don’t have to sacrifice anything. Sledgehammer has put together a refined package that will give you great performance right out of the gate.

For the technical users or riders who’s had the pleasure of using previous models of the Freerider Skibike, here are the new enhancements:

Foot Rest: The addition of foot rests instead of peddles, providing more stability, more standing width and the ability to fold away when getting in contact with the ground – made of a high quality CNC 7005 alloy foot rests.

Air Shocks: This year the shocks have the options to better adjust the Skibike to the riders’ weight by using long travel RST Air Shocks with 240 x 76mm (length x travel).

Geometry changes: The foot pegs have been lowered by 50mm, while the saddle height has remained unchanged. This change allows for a more comfortable ride when riding seated.

Ski Mount Brackets: Sledgehammer bikes are one of the only setups to allow quick removal of the skis, the bracket will be different this year though. The 5.2 will benefit from a combination of their previous years systems. The sliding system on last years bike was a good idea but it was hard to manufacture and difficult to mount. They kept the rubber cushions because they improved riding performance but the bracket will stay on the ski now when detached with the Quick Release System.

Weight: Here is one of the best improvements to the new 5.2 model!! The frame is now full Alloy 7005 and the head tube will have a dramatically increased wall thickness. When you combine this with the new air shocks and ski bracket, the weight is lowered to 12.5kg. This will make handling much easier on the slope and getting on the lift!

What stayed the same:

Comfortable handlebar setup

Rear end suspension geometry

Nice wide skibike specific skis made in Austria

Motocross style seat

Large head tube, unable to upgrade to MTB style front fork.

This is a great bike and we are sure you’re going to be amazed at its features and performance! One thing we did want to note: The Freerider is unique in its front suspension setup and its motocross style seat. The front suspension was developed by Sledgehammer to allow the front ski to remain in an optimum position for skibiking during the whole range of the spring compression. The system is great and we love it, the only downfall is that it can’t be swapped out for a standard MTB front fork. We find the MX style seat to be very comfortable, on the rare occasion that we see ourselves sitting during skibike runs. If you’re interested in a more traditional seat feel and the ability to throw your favorite MTB front suspension, check out our other skibikes by clicking here.

As always, give us a call with any questions about anything we sell. We are very active in the sports we promote and spend a lot of time riding all the products offered on our site. This enables us to help our customers get what they need and feel comfortable with their purchase. 800-320-9463

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