14m Aero Yellow
14m Aero Yellow

Peter Lynn Aero Closed Cell Foil Kite

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Peter Lynn Aero Twinskin Foil Kite

Performance is about responsiveness, precision, handling balance and most importantly; the riders experience. This is why Peter Lynn works tirelessly on perfecting designs to match their heritage of class leading design, ease of use, assured stability and sophisticated craftsmanship.

Developed upon the backbone of the Vapor, the most successful fixed bridle race kite of the last decade. And built with only high-end, ultra-light materials and the latest construction methods. The Aero is designed for uncompromised racing performance but also to offer you ease of use and stability to put a smile on your face whenever you pull the bar to leave everything and everyone behind.

At the same time it is created to get you going in the lightest of breezes because there are few things in life that make your daily troubles disappear like the peaceful mellow of a light wind session. Be it cruising desolate beaches, riding snow covered hills or foiling glass lagoons.

Let the Aero be your ticket to sessions never before possible and enjoy the tranquility of riding in the lowest winds and maximize the time you can spend out there doing what you love most.

  • Large wind range: Built with only high-tech, ultra-light weight materials the Aero performs in the lightest of breezes. At the same time, it’s sophisticated design and large depower range assures you remain in control when the wind picks up. The kite’s handling feedback and responsive steering add to a feeling of control throughout the entire depower range giving the Aero a large and balanced ‘sweet spot’.
  • Razor-sharp Upwind Drive: Designed with racing in mind the Aero is tuned as sharp as possible without sacrificing stability. Positioned at the edge of the wind window the kite delivers thrilling speed and a hard matched upwind drive.
  • Exhilarating Acceleration: Focused and poised to get your adrenalin pumping. The Aero responds immediately to your steering impulse with a ferociously fast build-up of flying speed. Making it easy to get on your board and up to speed quick.
  • Superior Stability: Whatever you ride, you want your focus to be on the ride ahead without having to worry about your kite. The Aero has a very wide wind window and remains highly stable at the edges. Coupled with our core value of ease of use the Aero crosses the divide between high performance racing and leisurely cruising.
  • Quick Turning: The Aero’s steering is precise and responsive, adding to depth of performance and the pilots sense of absolute control. The kite’s turning speed allows for fast and powerful down loop gibes which add to the intensity of flying a high-performance kite even more.
  • Smooth on Demand Power: The power of the kite is precisely regulated by pulling the bar, from that little bit extra you need to switch stance while tacking or gibing to an explosive boost for some serious hang time. This dynamic and responsive power regulation also allows you to push speed and downwind angle to endlessly addictive levels.

Ultra-light Version

The Aero is also available as Ultra-light, for this version they took weight reduction to a whole new level by using a clever combination of 2×2 types of SkytexTM Fabric. The top skin of the kite is made from 32gr Skytex to give it some extra strength while the bottom skin is 27gr Skytex to reduce the weight to an absolute minimum. For the internal construction, they used 32gr hard coated Skytex for the supporting ribs (Ribs with bridle points) and 27gr hard coated Skytex for the unsupported ribs. The wingtips are made from 32gr Skytex on both the top and bottom skin as the tips normally get to endure the most abrasion.

(The Aero Ultra light is available on special order only, please do not hesitate to contact us for more details on delivery time.)

Sizes, Recommended Bars & Color:

  • Aero 7m² - Aviator medium - Teal
  • Aero 9m² - Aviator medium - Green
  • Aero 11m² - Aviator medium - Orange
  • Aero 14m² - Aviator medium - Yellow
  • Aero 17m² - Aviator large - Blue
  • Aero 20m² - Aviator large - Red


The Aero is delivered ‘kite only’ or complete, containing: Aero kite with packing strap, Aero backpack, Peter Lynn Aero Instruction manual

Aviator controlbar (complete version only), 350/350daN Dyneema® flying lines (complete version only), Safety leash (complete version only)

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