Ozone WASP 5m and 6m Sizes Are Here!

Posted by Nick B. on 11/22/2019 to Wing Foiling
Ozone WASP 5m and 6m Sizes Are Here!
Introducing the Ozone WASP 5m and 6m Sizes

The WASP 5m and 6m wing sizes are live, specially designed for light winds and or heavier riders; these wings are going to have power. The significantly sized Leading-edge creates stability and reduces flex; it also helps develop pull at low speeds to get you moving sooner. The rigidity of the high volume Leading Edge and Strut make it very efficient in light winds to pump the wing to generate speed.

The design team at Ozone has been enjoying light wind conditions during testing of the final 5m and 6m prototypes. Foiling in 5-10 knots with a large front wing is the perfect way to cruise while learning tacks and gybes, a steady breeze and calm water conditions make for a fast learning curve. Bring on sub 10 knot Wing Foiling!

Ozone gained a lot more experience and knowledge while testing various combinations of WASP wing size and hydrofoil size on the water. They feel that the 5m or 6m would, in most cases, be the size of choice for riders 90kg and above who will use their WASP in winds of 10-20 knots with hydrofoil rigs. They have updated the WASP wind ranges in their marketing to reflect this.

The 5m is big enough for most riders looking for their large size WASP wing. It is easy enough to handle and has a tremendous low-end grunt. If you are less than 90kg and looking for a fun light wind wing, the 5m would be the size to consider.

The 6m is more wing to handle. Due to its dimensions, the wingtips are closer to the surface and will require extra attention not to catch water or rub it on the ground. It has incredible low-end abilities to get you going in the lightest breeze. However, if you are 90kg or above and mainly ride in 15 knots + winds, the 5m could be the better option.

Of course, this is all very dependent on rider skills and the hydrofoil set up used. If you have any questions about wings sizes or foil setups to pair in lighter winds, give us a call or shoot an email.

These new sizes are available for purchase now! For pricing and purchase info check out our WASP Wing product page by clicking here.

Ozone WASP 5m and 6m wing sizes

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