2017 Kitewing Skimbat 4.8
2017 Kitewing Skimbat 4.8

Kitewing 4.8 Skimbat

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Kitewing Skimbat 4.8

The Skimbat 4.8 has influenced and inspired sailors since its inception. The Skimbat name is retained in deference and with respect for the team in Finland from whence this wing came. KitewingLLChasmade a few subtle changes to enhance the original design. Otherwise, it is much the same as the beloved original developed in Helsinki all those years ago.

The standard Skimbat 4.8 sail is Dacron®. A limited number of monofilm sails are still available as an option.

The monofilm 4.8 sails are reputedly a more stable sail than the Dacron®sail. The mono film sails are popular with racing sailors and speed sailors.

The Dacron®4.8 sail is a versatile sailthatcan be stowed on the frame.

The Skimbat 4.8 is the wingthatinspired the “standard” Kitewing frame, the frame is the same frameasutilized by the 5.5 wing, butwith different length front tube extensions, and battens. The boom and Y tubes are constructed fromEVA coated aluminum for a soft grip and insulation.The front tubes of the “standard” frame are composite fiberglass tubesused in combination with the Kitewing proprietary Kitewing Y-joint, and Front Tube Extensions [FTE].

Stiff and light weight carbon fiber composite front tubes are available as an optional upgradeto the “standard” frame. The stiff carbon tubes are about.27 kg. /8 oz. lighter than the fiberglass composite tubes. The stiff tubes are a significant weight and inertia savings. However they make the wing less forgiving in heavy air. The wing will react quickly to inputs; it will not twist or de power as quicklyas the standard frame does.

Sizing:  There are three main sizes in the Kitewing range this year. The Skimbat is the medium at 4.8 meters.  The smallest is the 4.0 Falcon and the larger 5.5 size comes in three different configurations: 5.5 Dacron, 5.5 Full & the 5.5 Speed. There are a lot of considerations that go into picking the best size for your uses. If you need any advise, we are available at (800)320-9463 x 1 to help you with your selection. We have sold a LOT of wings for a number of different uses!!

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