Kahuna Creations Big Stick Classic 5 6 Land Paddle

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Kahuna Big Stick Classic 5'6

The Kahuna Creations Classic Big Stick is the top of the line land paddle built with sweet Hawaiian fabric covered with a layer of fiberglass wrap for weatherproof endurance. We doubt you could break it if you tried. In fact, we guarantee it for two years under normal use. Graphics vary according to size:

Featured on bottom of the Classic Big Stick is the Kahuna Blade .

Shaped in the image of the native Hawaiian Lei-o-mano weapon, the Kahuna Blade is the ultimate innovation in skateboard technology. The Kahuna Blade is engineered for performance, durability, and is aesthetically killing it.

What the Classic Big Stick has:

- Polycarbonate (bulletproof vest material) casing, the pinnacle in durability and lightweight technology. The polycarbonate casing provides the rigidity necessary to house the vulcanized rubber road grip.

- Vulcanized rubber road grip is the rubber that meets the road. The Kahuna Creations R&D team analyzed the entire stroke path to insure the ride is comfortable, powerful, and smooth. The undulated shape of the Kahuna Blade provides proper leverage at each contact point through the entire stroke path. Dampening holes are included to take out weight and deliver the sweetest-feeling stroke possible.

- Removable. The Kahuna Blade is easily replaced. Simply remove two nuts and bolts, and pop on a new Kahuna Blade.

The Big Stick Classic comes in 4 sizes (See Big Stick size guide below), this one is 5'6 the other sizes are the Kahuna Classic 5'0 , the Kahuna Classic 6'0 , Kahuna Classic 6' 6 and each size has a different fabric graphic pattern. If you're looking for a shorter size check out the Kahuna Adjustable Big Stick.

Classic Big Stick Features:
-Model: Kbs001
-Weight: 3 lbs
-Shape: Tapered Cherry Wood Laminate Hand Grip Slightly Oval Shaft
-Flex: Light Flex
-Grip: Kahuna Blade
-Shaft: Douglas Fir with Fiberglass

Big Stick/Land Paddle Size Guide:
6'6" Land Paddle for riders 6'5" and above
6'0" Land Paddle for riders 6'0" to 6'4"
5'6" Land Paddle for riders 5'5" to 5'11"
5'0" Land Paddle for riders 4'9" to 5'4"
Riders below 5'4 please see the Adjustable Big Stick

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