GoFoil 1.0 Maliko M280 24.5 Mast Set

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M280 Front View
GoFoil 1.0 M280 Hydrofoil Set 24.5" Mast

If crazy lift at low speeds is what you need, the GoFoil M280 set, paired with the carbon 24.5" mast, is what you need! The Carbon M280 package is one of the most enormous and highly efficient wings we have come across. It's massive front wing spans 42 inches wide and will have you foiling at 6-8mph depending on rider weight.

There are quite a few uses for a wing this size, and your imagination only limits you.

In the Surf: 
The M280 paired with the included sizeable 1.0 Maliko Tail wing will surf the smallest of waves. If you live in an area where the surf size is challenged or need something to ride when things get tiny, this will have you riding on ripples!

Behind The Boat: 
When it comes to wake foiling, the M280 is a great beginner foil for big guys or teaching friends. It's also a subtle wing to have if you want to ride way back. We have customers riding 3-6 waves behind the boat on this package.

When Wing Surfing: 
Using handheld wings to hydrofoil on the water is becoming a new sport in itself, the M280 is what we used to learn when we successfully started navigating the world of wing surfing. The generous lift at low speeds helped us get up and foiling quickly without having to pump the hydrofoil or inflatable wing much. After a handful of sessions, we did drop to a slightly smaller front wing size, but we still break this one out if the winds light.

Downwind Foiling: 
The M280 is an excellent tool for learning to get your first initial rides in the swell when paddling downwind. Once you get the hang of getting up on foil, you'll want to progress to a smaller front wing that has less drag in the water.

What it is not:

Not Fast: 
It's Huge! Its large size creates a lot of drag, and the M280 likes to travel at slower speeds. Slow and stable operation is one of the things that make it a great learning tool.

Not A Kite Wing: 
If you're looking for a Set to kite with, this is not your package! In most cases, the kite generates to much power and speed to use this wing effectively. Check out the 28.5 inch Nalu package for hydrofoil kiting.

Not Snappy and Carvy: 
Because of its size, it's a cruising wing. It turns, but it takes some lean to get it to go where you want. It's not going to allow you to lay your edge down and carve like the Iwa and the Kai will.

Not Great For Tiny Boards: 
In our experience, the M280 likes to excel when paired with larger boards. Tiny board (under 5 feet) feel a little awkward with a foil wing of this size. With a more sizable board, you've got more room to shift your weight forward to balance out the lift the M280 generates. Larger volume boards like SUPs also help you foil turn because there is more swing weight when your leaning over.

Don't Forget:  

This is a tuttle head mast package and is designed to be used, as is, with a tuttle box board. If your board has a track system, be sure to add the optional tuttle to plate adapter.  For more information about masts, please check out our gear guide on GoFoil carbon masts by clicking HERE.

M280 Foil Set

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