GoFoil 1.0 Carbon M200/M280 Hydrofoil Set

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Optional Tuttle Box Adapter
No Adpater Plate Needed (For boards with a tutttle box installed)
Add Tuttle Box Adpater Plate (for track mount boards) (+$175.00)

GoFoil Maliko 200/280 Package

24.5” Carbon Mast Height

The Full Carbon Maliko 200/280 is for the rider who wants the ultimate in ease, stability and control. These are GoFoils largest wings and will get you up and riding quickly and confidently. Depending on the use, these wings work well in small surf, excel in downwind paddling, are excellent for learning to wing foil and will also provide a stable platform for learning to windsurf foil!

Wing Foiling: This is the perfect package to start your wing foiling journey. At 36” and 42” wide, the M200/M280 front wings provide a huge amount of lift at lower speeds. The Maliko rear stabilizer is the largest in the GoFoil line, adding to this packages stability. Because these wings feel so stable they are the easiest options we have experienced when combined with the new inflatable hand held wings.

This package includes:

  • Maliko 200 carbon front wing
  • Maliko 280 carbon front wing
  • Maliko carbon tail wing
  • Front wing cover
  • Tail wing cover
  • Mast cover
  • Mallet, screw driver and screws
  • Mast/fuselage: 24.5? Tuttle mast
Board Mounting: This set comes with a tuttle head and mounts as is to a board with a tuttle box installed.  If you have a track system in your board this set will still work with the optional deep tuttle adapter plate.  If your board utilizes the track system, please add the tuttle plate adapter to complete you package.

Please give us a call or email if you have any question about which wings will work best for your specific ride profile, use and board type!!

GoFoil Maliko Set

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