Fanatic SUP Foil WS 6'11
Fanatic SUP Foil WS 6'11

Fanatic SUP Foil WS

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Fanatic SUP Foil WS Wing Action

Fanatic SUP Foil WS 6'11

SUP Foil - Wing Foil - Windsurf Foil

The Sky SUP Windsurf Edition is Fanatics' new swiss army knife of foiling sensations! Designed to maximize your fun, whether with a paddle, a Foil Wing, or a Windsurfing rig in your hands!

Everything about the compact Sky SUP is optimized to make it as easy as possible to get up onto the foil. The compact dimensions, thick beveled rails, and channel bottom give stability, and allow it to paddle and track straight and free; while the recessed deck and stance provide excellent leverage and control over the foil.

This year they boosted the performance with higher rocker, clean outline with a narrower nose, and added a step tail to reduce drag when riding steeper waves and increase efficiency when pumping onto the foil.

The Sky SUP 6'11" Windsurf Edition comes with a mast track and additional foot strap inserts so it cannot only be used for SUP, Downwind, and Wing Foiling, it's also great for Windsurf Foiling!


  • Design is 100% optimized for foiling
  • Multi-Discipline: Ideal for SUP Foiling, SUP Downwinders, Wing Foiling and Windsurf Foiling
  • Special edition with mastrack and foot strap options for Windsurf Foiling
  • Step tail for efficient pump onto foil and freedom to ride steeper sections
  • Compact shape for stability and maneuverability
  • Pulled in nose and beveled rails for neutral touch-downs, and to avoid catching in tight turns on the wave
  • Increased recessed deck shape for comfort and control when paddling, and more direct feel and control of the foil
  • Full deck pad with centreline bumper delivers grip, comfort and helps your foot locate the centreline when riding
  • Unique channel bottom shape for efficiency, soft landings and excellent tracking while paddling
  • The short length makes it easy to pump, control and transport
  • Track foil mount system allows for fine-tuning
  • Carrying handle for ease
  • Supplied in VCT (Vector Net Technology)
Fanatic SUP Foil WS Specs
Fanatic SUP Foil WS Action

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