F-One Inflatable Wing
F-One Inflatable Wing

F-One Swing Inflatable Wing Surfer

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F-One Swing Size
2.2m- Special Order
2.8m- Special Order (+$50.00)
3.5m (+$100.00)
4.2m (+$150.00)
5m (+$200.00)
6m- Special Order (+$300.00)
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F-One Swing Wing Front
F-One Swing Inflatable Wing Surfer
3.5m - 4.2m - 5m - 6m
An incredible new way to fly and experience new feelings on the water, once you try it, you’ll be addicted.
  • 100% Depower and safer than a kite
  • High-end construction
  • Launch anywhere, even busy or gusty spots
  • Wide wind range
  • Five sizes for different conditions
  • Easy to learn and very accessible
The all-new Swing from F-ONE, a light, compact, and safer handheld kite, you can launch anywhere. Using FOnes extensive kite design techniques, they have created the Swing to be stable, fun to use, and, most importantly, easy to learn.
There are no lines to get tangled, no danger of getting dragged, and there is genuinely 100% depower, get ready for a new way to enjoy the wind.

SUP Owners
If you have a paddleboard, then you need the Swing to go with it, it’s no fun paddling in 10 knots, but the Swing means you can use your paddleboard no matter the conditions. It’s much safer than kitesurfing and is perfect for getting kids involved in water sports. You can learn about the wind and the power you can harness, sheet in to get going, then just let go, and the power is gone.
It’s great fun, and the wings are small and compact, they are the perfect addition to a paddle to get power on the water. With no lines, you can take the Swing anywhere, allowing you to access spots that were not possible with a kite. As you improve your skills, it’s time to step up into the world of foiling with the Swing.

Hydrofoil Enthusiasts
Surf foilers, SUP foilers, and kite foilers are going to love the Swing, the possibilities are endless, and this new sport is only just beginning. By using the power of the wing combined with a surf foil, you can fly upwind at incredible speeds. Then, you can depower the wing, and surf foil on the swells downwind, it adds an element of safety knowing if you miss the swell, you have the power to catch the next one.
Because the Swing isn’t attached to the board and is very light, there is no additional weight. Meaning you can ride much smaller, more compact boards, depending on your skill level. All the power transfers through you, to the board and hydrofoil going through your body, you are in total control.
If the beach is busy or kiteboarding is banned, then you will have no problems using the Swing, there are no lines to layout, meaning you can launch from tiny beaches and even boats with ease. All you need is a little power in the Swing and a few pumps, and you’ll be up and flying on the foil, experiencing a new feeling that is hard to beat. Everyone who tries it gets hooked, and it is comfortable to learn if you have a foil experience already.
FOne Swing Inflatable Wing

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