F-One Pocket 130 Foil Board

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F-One Pocket 130 Foil Board
“Minimum size is maximum fun!”, this POCKET TS 130 shares the same mantra as the other F-ONE pocket boards. Reducing the length enlarges significantly the possibilities for all kinds of maneuvers and engage further into carving.
Built around a foam core with glass reinforcements and protective top / bottom sheet layers, the POCKET TS 130 is as durable as you can get. The solid cap construction will preserve the edges of the board. Lightweight with a compact format that makes it easy to handle and transport, this is a board you will never have to worry about.
Beveled rails, double concave, specific foiling outline with wide point well forward, the board has all the shape features that make it easy and forgiving on the water.
Equipped with a full deck pad for more comfort, the board has inserts for three foot-straps and features the Twin Track system on the bottom for maximum compatibility. With a terrific potential for all kinds of tricks or simply for carving around, this F-ONE POCKET TS 130 is the obvious choice for a large number of riders to enjoy and play while foiling.
F-One Pocket 130 TS Specs

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