Zeppelin Full Package
Zeppelin Full Package

Bote Zeppelin Inflatable SUP Package

No Longer Available
Available In Store Only (800-320-9463)
Part Number:323
  • Size:12' 4'' X 38" X 7"
  • Weight:45 lbs
  • Max Weight:450 LBS
Bote Zeppelin Inflatable Paddle Board Package

In Botes Words… The Zeppelin is your stairway to heaven. Whether you are going to California to explore the misty mountains or just rambling on with your black dog, the Zeppelin’s stability and large capacity will have you ready for when the levy breaks. With two-chamber construction, an extra wide deck and the ability to utilize BOTE’s Rac Systems, you’ll be rocking and rollin through the good times and the bad.

Our Opinion… Not only is this an amazing platform for fishing, but it’s also great if you looking for ultra-stability! At 38” wide and a max capacity of 450lbs you can feel confident that this board will keep you on the water when others just won’t cut it.

The Zeppelin also is the only Bote inflatable that gives you the Tackle Rac attachment points on the front and the back of the board. This means you could use the Tackle Rac on the front and the bucket rack in the front!! It also features cooler tie downs, Sandspear attachments, and the optional paddle sheath mount.

*Includes bag, pump, and paddle.

In addition to all the awesome features found on Botes other inflatables, these boards also come as a complete package and include a durable travel bag, pump, repair kit, center fin and an adjustable paddle.

Bag - The included bag can be used to hold your extra gear on your paddling adventure. The travel bag also features wheels for easy transport.

Pump - The included pump and hose includes a pressure guage allowing you to fill your inflatable to the correct pressure every time.

Paddle - The adjustable paddle is lightweight and durable. Since it’s adjustable, it’s always the perfect size.

Fin - Removable fin is easy to take on and off.

Repair Kit - In the unlikely event that you puncture your inflatable, the included repair kit will save your day.

Shown Fully Rigged with All Optional Accessories:

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