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2018 Bote HD Inflatable Paddle Board Package

11'6 x 34" x 6"

In the pursuit of the perfect inflatable paddle board, Bote has further refined the Drift Package and totally rebranded it as the new Bote 11’6 HD Inflatable!

The new 11’6 HD Inflatable has all the same great features as the previous Drift model only it’s bigger!!! That’s right, you now get all those cool options along with an extra 2” of stability! It’s 11’6 x 34” x 6” and can now efficiently carry a whopping 315lbs.

Like all the Bote inflatable packages, this setup has been proven over the years to be loved by all around paddlers as well as fishing enthusiasts. With this year’s size enhancement, the rider will find it easy to carry more gear efficiently or just feel more stable on the water.

The HD Inflatable is versatile, one of the beautiful things about the Bote system is the ability to outfit your board for your experience. This year’s model comes with the receiver plates, paddle sheath, cooler tie down cleats, gear bungees on the nose and tail, as well as Travelink attachments on the right and left sides of the rail.

Bote Receiver Plates: These are the attachment points that let you add the optional rack receivers to install either the Bote Tackle Rack or the all new Bote Bucket Rack. The Tackle Rack has been popular for fishing because it gives something to brace on as well as hold your rods. The new Bucket Rack was designed to hold a 5-gallon bucket in place, or the new Kula cooler!

Paddle Sheath: This a plastic angled sleeve that your paddle blade slips into to hold you paddle for you while you out on the water. Imagine taking a break or just freeing up your hands and having your paddle in a convenient spot when you decide it’s time to go again.

Cooler Tie Downs and Gear Bungees: Both just expand your gear handling options. Whether it’s a cooler full of refreshments or the essentials for the trip, it can all be secured easily to your board.

Travelink Attachments: The Travelink system is Botes solution to lugging your board down long paths to the water. The HD comes with attachment points on the right and left side of the board to hook the sling and make carrying your rig much easier.

iHD Inflatable Package Comes With- 11’6 Board, travel bag (nice one!), repair kit, adjustable fiberglass/polymer paddle and fin.

Something that’s also worth mentioning is this year’s travel bag. I few years ago we saw a big jump in the quality of the paddle, this year it was the bag! The new HD comes with a great bag that will make traveling with your new board much nicer. It also can double as a dry bag while you’re out on the water.

Overall the new iHD inflatable Paddle Board package is a great option for the fishermen of the world or for paddlers who just want more stability while they explore the water! If you don’t need 34” of width, check out the all new Bote iFlood Inflatable. It’s got a lot of great features in a little smaller package. Feel free to give us a call or reach out on our contact page buy clicking here if you have any questions about which Bote Inflatable is right for you!!

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