Boardworks SHUBU Raven 12'6"

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Introducing the new Boardworks Raven Inflatable 12'6 Shubu . Inspired by our award winning Raven hardboard SUP model, the new Raven Inflatable 12'6 models are constructed with super durable, extra light, extra rigid 6" dropstitch material. Designed with the same outline as our ever Popular Raven hardboards with a tuned up rocker. This is the perfect inflatable SUP for touring and fitness paddling, river running, racing and all around paddling. Packs up into an easy travel back pack. All ready to go on your next SUP adventure!

SHUBU "show up and blow up" INFLATABLE SUPs Made of extremely durable military grade, UV resistant rubber, these boards can take just about anything you can throw at them. Featuring a proven high density drop stitch construction making the SHUBU very rigid for better performance. Excellent for cruising, recreational surfing, touring, running rivers, or just goofing around, the SHUBU is extremely versatile, and fun is guaranteed!

Each board comes equipped with glued on rubber side bite fins and a detachable center fin allowing for versatility and options when paddling in deep waters or shallow rivers and lakes. Also includes backpack, high volume pump, an inline pressure gauge, and a color matched rubber patch kit. The SHUBU also comes equipped with a bungy system for strapping down whatever you might need for that adventure of a lifetime!


Height: 12'6"

Width: 30"

Thickness: 6"

Fins Included: Removable Center Fin

Size and Ability

Novice: up to 250lbs

Intermediate: up to 275lbs

Advanced: Up to 300lbs

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