North Swell Foilboard Top & Bottom
North Swell Foilboard Top & Bottom

2021 North Swell Foilboard

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2021 North Swell Foilboard Angle

2021 North Swell Foilboard

Pocket frother. Foam chaser. The Swell prone surf foilboard is shaped for controlled carving and max pump-ability on endless bumps and lumps. Happy to pump. Greedy for more. It has an ultra-lightweight yet durable hybrid carbon construction that is stiff, responsive, and maneuverable. Grabbable rails make your paddle out and duck diving a breeze. Stable, fast-release take-offs? Sorted. Effortless touchdown recovery? It goes without saying. And North has cracked the code on the sweet spot - where you can remain without shifting your feet. The cutaways and the way the tail tapers reduce the volume in the tail, helping to bring the board's center of buoyancy forward, right underneath your stance, while the board's longitudinal deck grip features a centreline ridge and transverse markers for tactile and visual stance referencing. The integrated tail kick pad features cutouts for your feet while prone paddling. And the wedged tail shape reduces the overall length and swing weight, improving the pumpability. Prone surf / wake / wing / tow-surf or kite foil. No wave is 'too" anything for the Swell.

2021 North Swell Foilboard Features:

  • Hybrid Carbon Technology
  • Integrated PVC structural stringer system
  • DropBox 165x90 adjustable foil mounting track
  • GORE™ waterproof 2-way vent (not in 3'10)
  • Deep-V double nose concave
  • Fast-release cutaways and tapered tail

INCLUDES: Board with EVA Deck pad, Leash Attachment Loop, GORE™ Vent*, DropBox Screw Pack (4x M8x30mm, 4x T-Nuts)**

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