Kitewing 5.5 Speed
2017 Kitewing 5.5 Speed

Kitewing 5.5 Speed

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2017 Kitewing 5.5 Speed Sail

The 5.5 Speed sail is designedspecificallytofitthe stiff light weight carbon composite front tubes which are an option to the standard frame. The sail canalsobe used with composite fiberglass front tubes,but it was designed to beused with the stiffer light weight carbon front tube upgrade frame.

The sail is constructed from a light weight scrim fabric at Ezzy Sails. The “scrim” fabric is closely woven polyester scrim and X ply laminated on both sides with clear film, the fabric is lighter than mono film. The sail includes Dacron luff sleeves with Cordura®reenforced openings and chafe points, cam lock tip tensioners, three position reflex tensioner, and leach strap.

The 5.5 Speed sailfeatures a reducedluff curve profilespecifically designedto fit the stiffer front tubes. It can be tuned through a fairly wide range of foil shapes. The Speed sail is intended forriderswho want to go fast. This sail is likely to be a better choice for ice or fast low drag surfaces.

Sizing: There are three main sizes in the Kitewing range this year. The Speed is the largest at 5.5 meters.  There are also 2 other 5.5 meter configurations: 5.5 Full and 5.5 Dacron. The smallest is the Falcon at 4.0 meters. There are a lot of considerations that go into picking the best size for your uses. If you need any advise, we are available at (800)320-9463 x 1 to help you with your selection. We have sold a LOT of wings for a number of different uses!!

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