Kitewing 5.5 Dacron

Kitewing 5.5 Dacron

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2017 Kitewing Dacron®5.5

The Dacron®5.5 is a go to model for cruising, easy set up, versatility, and value. The Dacron®5.5 frame comes with the same standard fiberglass composite front tubes as the 4.8 wing. It can also be used in combination with the carbon fiber frame option for lighter weight, less flex, and a snappier feel.

The Dacron®5.5 sail is constructed from 3 oz. Dacron®with Cordura®chaffe patches the same as other Kitewing sails. The Dacron®sail is about.11 kg. /4 oz. heavier than the light weight scrim sails built by Ezzy Sails.

The Dacron®sail can be stowed on the frame. This is great on windy days, or for quick sessions with minimal setuptime.

Combined with the stiff and light weight carbon front tube upgrade, the Dacron®5.5 can be tuned through the greatest range of any of the 5.5 sails. The 5.5 Dacron®has a re enforced window similar to the scrim sails which is designed to be more durable and less prone to damage.

The Dacron®5.5 is a light weight and durable sail with the option to upgrade. Combined with the stiffer light weight carbon composite front tubes the Dacron®5.5 is a great choice for any sailor who wants one wing for every condition.

The Dacron 5.5 with a standard frame weighs6 kg. /13 lb.s 6 oz

Stiff light weigh front tubes are.21 kg. 7-8 oz lighter

A re enforced cross tube is 4-5 oz heavier.

The scrim 5.5 sail. is about113 grams- 141 grams/4-5 ozs lighter than the Dacron®sail.

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