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Land Paddling
Banshee Bungee Systems

Check Out Our Land Paddle Products Land Paddling: Check out this awesome new sport, its just like stand up paddle boarding, only you do it on land. Great fun for all ages. The boards are long and stable and the paddle adds even more stability. It's an amazing core body work out for the whole family! Order online or come by the store and try it out! We sell longboards& paddles with packages starting at $189.00 Land Paddle Packages

Stand Up Paddle Boarding originated as a way for Hawaiian locals to take pictures of tourists learning to surf in Waikiki in the early 1960's and has turned into an all out phenomenon. It has lately been acquired by those who wanted an alternative way to ride surf or purely as a way to stay in shape and is now more commonly called SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boarding).

Stand Up Paddles

Stand Up Paddle Boards
Fitness Aspect: Stand Up Paddle Boarding is best described as "Yoga on Water" It's a no-impact sport, improves balance and coordination, strength and endurance, stress reducing, relaxing and invigorating for people of all ages, ability, & size. The biggest plus, is that it's the funnest core fitness exercise on the planet...
Recreational Power Kiting: Flying an arc shaped kite using a control bar or handles to steer.Kites range in size from very small to 20 meters. Great fun on its own or a perfect stepping stone to other kite sports. Basic power kiting is inexpensive and easily learned in an evening.
Kite Land Boarding/Carting: (pictured above left) is using the power kite to pull you along on a land board, three wheel buggy or any other equipment you can ride on land (skates, skateboard, inlines, Ect.)
Power KitesKiteboarding Land Boards
Kiteboarding & Kitesurfing
Kite Boarding/Surfing: The use of the power kite to wakeboard or surf on lakes rivers or in the ocean. Experience the thrill of surfing without a wave or skiing without a boat! Effortlessly jump as high as 30-40 feet off the water! We sell kiteboarding kites, kiteboards and all the kiting accessories you need. Check out our kiteboarding lessons if your new to the sport!
Eclipse Kiteboarding
Flexifoil Power Kites
Ground Industries LandBoards

Srub LandBoards
Dakine Kiteboarding

Welcome To Streetboarding
Highland Streetboards Flare 50
Highland Cartel Classic
Highland Streetboards Cartel 55
Highland Streetboards Cartel 56

Buy Kitewings Here!
Your Tampa Bay Resource for Stand Up Paddle Boarding(SUP), Kitewing, Kiteboarding and Wind Sports Equipment:
We're Located In South Tampa and are here to help you select the paddle boarding gear that's right for you. We carry a HUGE assortment of Paddle boards, paddles & accessories and are adding new products daily. Please browse our site, if you cant find what your looking for, chances are we have it in the shop if not, let us know & we can order it for you.
We are now offering Stand Up Paddle Boarding lessons in the Tampa Bay / St Petersburg / Treasure Island / Clearwater areas! Join our email newsletter and we will keep you up to date on all of the Solstice Sports events!

Featured Items
404 10'6 Trainer Board
404 10'6 Trainer Board
Amundson 11'4 TR Paddle Board
Amundson 11'4 TR Paddle Board
Amundson 12' 6" TR Tour/Race Paddle Board
Amundson 12' 6" TR Tour/Race Paddle Board
C4 12'0 Holoholo T/S
C4 12'0 Holoholo T/S
C4 Soft Deck 12'0 Paddle Board
C4 Soft Deck 12'0 Paddle Board
Epic Gear Paddle Board Bag
Epic Gear Paddle Board Bag
Kahuna Creations Haka Moko Longboard
Kahuna Creations Haka Moko Longboard
Naish Mana 10'5 ASA
Naish Mana 10'5 ASA
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